How 'Ashley Madison' cheat you !

Ashley Madison is website for seeking sex firiends.And this website encourage people unfaithful. Hacker "The impact team" hack it and leak full member data. Let's take a look :

Sex Ratio
Unselect : 2
Female : 5055687
Male : 31343429

A lot of men, few women.

Database record login IP last time. Everyone know some IP is secial. For example is "myself". If you are in the local net , IP will be 192.168.X.X. Obviously these IP are fake accounts.

Female 192.168.x.x:2041
Male 192.168.x.x:5180

Total fake accounts :88036

Some people registe a new account but never used it. Database records chat/mail last time. If you never use it, default time is 0000-00-00 00:00:00.  We can know this account is dead.
Unselect : 2
Female : 5043023
Male : 8151170

We delete all fake/unuse accounts. Sex ratio will be
Female : 12664
Male : 23179190

1830 boy search 1 girl. There are 99.85% robots in 5.5 millions girls.  Ha hahaha hahaha hahaha................

Analyze live account's age. Because many people write wrong year, I only check age 1~99.
Female :

Male :

I do not know why 2 ages are sexual hunger ?

Database also record GPS location. I check the fake IP account. See below picture.

This website is smart ! GPS is fake too.